Three Myths That May Stop You From Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The desire to live a laptop lifestyle seems to be something that is envied and ridiculed by people at the same time. Most people don’t understand the concept of being a lifestyle entrepreneur so basically they are just drawing conclusions. In this article, I’ll cover 3 myths of becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Myth #1: People who work at home/lifestyle entrepreneurs can spend little time working but can still earn a lot of money

Yes, there may be earning opportunities out there that allow you to have passive or residual income. But here’s the thing — before you reap the fruits (aka income) of your labor, you usually have to pay your dues, which is the 4 letter word know has work. For example, if you have an affiliate product to promote, one method of earning residual income is by placing ads or affiliate banners linking back to your website. Visibility is key to earning money online and people must see what you’re selling.

Myth #2: The Laptop lifestyle isn’t considered “real” work

You may have read some rants by work at home professionals and lifestyle entrepreneurs about this one. They are often dubbed as people who don’t have a real job and just sit in front of their laptop all day. This usually results in boundary issues from friends and family members as they’re seen as “being at home”. You may be called upon to watch kids since you’re home anyway, errands and grocery shopping, etc.. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is also a job. It will consume your time – so be careful in setting your schedule and letting people such as your family and friends understand that you need time to work, even if you’re just staying at home.

Myth #3: This kind of business is just a waste of time because it’s a fad

People who are out of touch with reality may see the internet as a fad. Rest assured, it is here to stay! Still, others might be afraid of venturing into a laptop lifestyle because they might think that Facebook and other websites might have the same fate as Myspace. Doing business requires you to create a foundation and the internet is simply a medium to conduct business. Having an online business requires hard work, persistence and determination to succeed. You have to promote your product or service through consistent advertising, word-of-mouth referral and building a prospect and customer database. In order for your business to be sustainable and attain longevity, you should keep current with your industry, just as any other professional does with continuing education. That is the secret to success as a lifestyle entrepreneur.